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Yoga Alliance UK is more than just insurance (although we can give you a fantastic deal on insurance too). We are a collection of yoga teachers, yoga teacher training schools looking to share experience and network in order to help each other and maintain high standards of teaching. If you are passionate about yoga and would like to join us, please read through the site or contact us.


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Supporting Pregnant Students in General Yoga Classes


Teacher: Cherie Lathey (SYT and Yoga Mama Director)


Date/Time: Saturday 6th September 2014. 10am-4pm.

Cost: £60

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Pregnancy is an amazing personal journey for a woman, both mentally and physically. Practicing yoga during pregnancy can help women adapt to these changes in a positive way. 

Many yoga teachers often feel they do not have enough information or the confidence to integrate pregnant women into their general classes. This will be both a discussion and practical workshop – teachers will leave feeling confident they have the relevant information to safely support their pregnant students.



We have workshops specialising in everything from Kundalini yoga, Ayurveda, and Teacher Training with top world class Yoga Teachers. 


The Freestyle Yoga Project Studio

We are a dedicated dynamic vinyasa pad, bourne out of 20 years yoga experience and influenced by the superhero work coming out of New York City where we train every year.

Not for us a mish-mash of yoga styles, trying to be all things to all yogis. All yogis are welcome of course, but know that what we offer is a thrilling, funky, western, C21st approach to yoga.

We have beginners' courses, mixed ability sessions, more mellow classes, edited, hour-long practices, ramped-up superhero work, guys-only classes, self-practice, teacher trainings and much more!

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The 200 hour training is taught by

Nova Milesko and Florence Graham (SYT)

SCHOOL PROFILE - click here

Inspirational Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Nova Milesko and Florence Graham starting in September 2014.

The 200+ hour Affinity Yoga Teacher Training Programme is designed to create innovative, challenging, and intuitive teachers and to be an enjoyable and highly rewarding journey into the practice and principles of yoga.

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Yoga Philosophy – Yamas and Niyamas/Meditation

Heather George Yoga Alliance UK SYT

Location: Florence House, Seaford East Sussex, BN25 4JS Date: 7th to 10th August 2014

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