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About Yoga Alliance UK

What we do

Yoga Alliance UK maintain a register of Teachers, Trainee Teachers, Teacher Trainer Schools and Yoga Studios.  We also offer comprehensive support for teachers and schools to help develop their full growth potential.

Our primary concern is safeguarding students and teachers within the yoga world, in a currently unregulated industry.  We feel it is crucial for all yoga teachers to be accredited by Yoga Alliance UK because we ensure ALL of our members are properly insured to teach and because we ensure ALL of our members meet the highest of standards to teach yoga.

We were set up as a response to the needs and wants of yoga professionals who felt the arbitrary standards set by existing organisations, was unacceptable.  Importantly, Yoga Alliance UK do not run our own teacher training so we are fully free to support all of our members in a non-biased basis, which is important to maintaining independent regulation of yoga in the UK.

Who we are

Yoga Alliance UK is an independent, member-driven organisation existing specifically to meet the needs of the UK yoga community.    We are a privately owned company and ALL of our profits have been re-invested back into the company, since inception.  We are based in the UK, however we have numerous teachers and teacher training schools that are  overseas.  As a transparent organisation, we feel it is important for our members to have the freedom to travel and work where they see fit, and we aim to support this. 


Yoga Alliance UK are NOT affiliated in any way to any other 'Yoga Alliance' organisation.

We have many yoga students visiting our site to find the best teachers and the best teacher training schools, and our high standards gives them the peace of mind that they are being taught by the best.


Our Customers Say..

"I like to think that I am from a new breed of Yoga Teacher and  Yoga Alliance UK is on the same wavelength.YAUK is open minded, non-patronising, informative and  I love the fresh and modern approach of the Association and their website.

When needed, I have been looked after and advised by lovely and extremely helpful Yoga alliance team members and I even won a beautiful new mat  when I entered one of their surveys!

Yoga Alliance UK is a valuable and important tool to promote myself and my classes.  

I feel safe to teach to my students with their insurance and can rely on the alliance to give me any support. Thank you."  

Laurent Roure

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