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Vision Statement

Our Vision

One of our main objectives is to build a great yoga community for our members and for yoga students, so they can feel that they have a good support throughout their yoga venture.  We are ultimately here to ensure the safeguarding of teachers, schools and students in a currently unregulated industry and that will always be our main concern.

We want to build a great community and allow for a non judgemental, non bureaucratic organisation that develops with the help and support of our members.  We aim to respond to and support yoga teachers and trainers in the UK who believe in quality teaching, and to give the public unbiased information on what is available.

We encourage the sharing of experience and knowledge between members.  By coming together and sharing that knowledge and experience, and by supporting each other, we can grow and develop as students and teachers more effectively.

What Yoga Alliance UK is not:

We are not in any way a governing body, but we have set some good standards which we hope will be recognised and useful to all yoga teachers, trainers and students. 

Please note:  Yoga is currently unregulated anywhere in the world, as such there is NO official Governing body anywhere and anyone claiming otherwise is misrepresenting themselves.

We do not train teachers or offer training courses but we do maintain a high standard of registered Training Schools.


Our Dynamic Thinking

Of all the organisations out there, we feel that we are the most forward thinking, whilst preserving the integrity of the practice of yoga.

We believe in offering complete support to our members enabling them to safely and competently grow their passion into a full-time career.  A such we offer further benefits including help with tax returns, accounts, creating a website, design/ printing, branding and savings on yoga products and equipment.



Our Customers Say..

"Yoga Alliance UK makes you truly feel part of a vibrant yoga teacher community.

It makes you proud to be treated as an individual, thanks to provision of outstanding levels of service and communication." 

Anna Rondino 


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