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Member Testimonials

Read what our members have to say about Yoga Alliance UK. These are real testimonials from real members. Click on the member name to view their profile.


"I like to think that I am from a new breed of Yoga Teacher and  Yoga Alliance UK is on the same wavelength.YAUK is open minded, non-patronising, informative and  I love the fresh and modern approach of the Association and their website. When needed, I have been looked after and advised by lovely and extremely helpful Yoga alliance team members and I even won a beautiful new mat  when I entered one of their surveys! Yoga Alliance UK is a valuable and important tool to promote myself and my classes.  I feel safe to teach to my students with their insurance and can rely on the alliance to give me any support. Thank you."  - Laurent Roure


"Being a member of Yoga Alliance UK  means a lot to me following my move to the UK after having taught yoga and managed my own studio in Brazil for many years. To me it represents the crossing of borders, language and culture whilst still remaining within the universal family of yoga and the certainty of the ancient, precious teachings from India. Thank you all in Yoga Alliance UK for helping me and accepting me as a member. May this alliance embrace, inspire and continue to support all practitioners for the benefit of many beings."
Regina Perrusi Do Amaral


"The benefits of being a member of the Yoga Alliance are many. Firstly, it is a great platform for creating links between yoga teachers for sharing and discussing all aspects of practice and teaching. Secondly, it enables the new student to feel confident in the knowledge, that their teacher has gained recognised qualifications and experience within the discipline, and thirdly, it creates a sense of group and unity within the Yoga community. Being a member of the Yoga Alliance UK is, in my opinion, invaluable. Namaste" - Chris Taylor 


 "This is my favorite yoga space! Teachers are passionate, programs are professional and staff are always ready to help." - Julee Yew-Crijns


"Yoga Alliance UK makes you truly feel part of a vibrant yoga teacher community. It makes you proud to be treated as an individual, thanks to provision of outstanding levels of service and communication." - Anna Rondino 


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