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Ana Forrest Workshops

Eldon Leisure Eldon Square NE1 7XY Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
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02.06.2012 - 03.06.2012
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Sat 02.06.12 Therapeutic Benefits of Backbends 10am-12.30pm
Experience the therapeutic benefits of a Forrest Yoga backbend class. Create profound and freeing changes through intelligent hands on adjustments. Feel the sequencing of a safe class- including how to warm up and warm down backbends to stay injury free.

02.06.12 Journey to the Core 2.30pm-5.30pm
Take a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your own being, where you will create a heightened sense of awareness through breath and asanas. Open to the amazing quality of feeling that lives inside you as you sweat, breath and enter into the incredible mystery that is your core.

03.06.12 Tame the Pain 10am-12.30pm
Many of us are plagued by chronic pain and injuries. Explore what works to alleviate your pain, break the injury cycle and facilitate healing. Learn how to give fresh blood, oxygen and nerve energy to the painful area to unclog toxins, tension and alleviate your pain. Pain is a desperate call for help. Relax your attitude enough to experiment with what works in order to build a repertoire for healing. strengthening poses. Practise your yoga with a quality of attention and care that teaches you to befriend those areas that hold pain, instead of isolating them. Learning how to free yourself from pain is an incredible empowering gift to give yourself.

03.06.12 Inversions & Arm Balances 2.30pm-5.30pm
Fear does not have to be something that paralyses you. In this session you will use breath and asana to access, comfort and support the parts of your body that are constricted by fear. This new approach to our fearful places brings about change immediately. When you treat your fearful parts with attention and compassion, you allow the 'wonderful' back into your life.

03.06.12 Book Reading & Signing Event 5.45pm-6.45pm (free)
Exciting news! Ana will read from her book, 'Fierce Medicine' and take your questions. Jambo Truong will have Ana's book for sale and Ana will personally sign your book that day. Join us for this special event! In 'Fierce Medicine' Ana distills and shares wisdom from her own life experiences; making complex ideas practical and easily applied. From 'stalking fear' to 'walking free of pain' and learning the art of 'truth speaking' Ana offers simple practises and poses to 'bring aliveness to every cell of the body and foster a connection to Spirit'

Please pre-order your book NOW to save disappointment as there is a limited availability.
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