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Guidelines for registering your School

To register your Teacher Training School / Program and become a Registered Yoga School, you must first, as director or principal teacher, register as a Senior Yoga Teacher.

In addition to demonstrating you have reached the required experience, your training course should meet the following requirements.

Student Intake Level

Students on your training course should have a minimum of 2 years yoga experience.

Course Assessment Procedure
Your training course must have a clear assessment procedure. According to the assessment process, a student may pass or have their certification deferred until the assessor feels the student has met the required standards. The standards for each teaching module must be clearly defined and made transparent to the students at all times. Students should be made aware of any areas where they have failed to meet the standards at the end of each module. All students must be provided with an Assessment grid after each module which clearly shows whether they have met the assessment criteria in each area. 

Support For Students Who Fail to Meet the Assessment Standards
Your training course must have the facility to provide support to enable students to reach the required standards if they so desire.  Support may include, but is not restricted to, ‘mentoring’ by senior teachers,Continuing Professional Development training modules and workshops. 

Grievance Procedure
Your training course must include a written grievance procedure made available to all students.

Teacher Manual
Your training course must have a well laid out Teaching Manual, used by the course tutors, which has the aims and content of each module clearly defined along with assessment criteria.

Student Manual
Your training course must have a well laid out Student Manual, which clearly presents all relevant information for the course.

Course Content Guidelines
Your training course must comply with the appropriate Training Table (RYT 200) which outlines the minimum hours required to meet the Yoga Alliance UK Certification standards. Please note that the course requires minimum contact hours, therefore we are unable to accept applications from Correspondence Courses.

Continuing Professional Development Training
It is a requirement of every Registered Yoga School that they have continuing professional development (CPD) for all RYT200 members. This means that all teachers registered with Yoga Alliance UK at the 200 hour level (RYT200) are required to attend at least one CPD training module (usually a weekend) each year.

Reverse Links

Yoga Alliance UK logos for RYS and SYT must be clearly displayed on all relevant pages, and preferably on your home page.  All logos and references to Yoga Alliance UK should be reversed lined to

Students on your training courses must join Yoga Alliance UK as trainee teachers, and on graduation, be encouraged to upgrade to a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).  They should be supplied with all the relevant information, application forms and website links.

It is in your interest to promote Yoga Alliance UK as a professional accrediting organisation setting consistent high standards.  Your accreditation through Yoga Alliance UK is a mark of distriction which is worth promoting, both for you and your graduates.

Training Course Liability Cover
Your training course must be covered by Public Liability Insurance of at least £1,000,000.00.

Liability Release Form
All trainee teachers on your training course must first complete a Liability Release Form excluding the venue, course and tutors from any personal liability for loss, damage or injury.

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