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Registered Yoga School RYS 500


Please have a look at our minimum standards and then download the application form and return it to Yoga Alliance UK. Remember to include all requested documents with your application.





Guidelines for registering RYS 500

To register your Teacher Training School / Program and become a Registered Yoga School at the 500 Hour Level, your school must qualify, or already be registered, as RYS200.

Please refer to the guidelines in the application form.

Your students should be registered with Yoga Alliance UK

You provide an assessment towards the end of a student's training

Reverse Links

Please ensure you have a reverse link from your website to Yoga Alliance UK.

Training Course Liability Cover
Your training course must be covered by Public Liability Insurance of at least £1,000,000.00.

Liability Release Form
All trainee teachers on your training course must first complete a Liability Release Form excluding the venue, course and tutors from any personal liability for loss, damage or injury.

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