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Registered Yoga School for Pregnancy Yoga


Please have a look at our minimum standards and click on the form below.


Remember to have all of the following documents ready in digital format before you start the application form.


Health & Safety:

Describing how you will manage health and safety in your business will let your staff and others know about your commitment to health and safety.


Refund Policy:

Describing what the policy is if someone needs to leave the course at any point.  This should also include information on any payment plans you have in place, deposit requirements and deadline dates.


Code of conduct:

A form outlining the code of conduct you expect from your students throughout the course.  This can include, behaviour, language, clothing etc.  Every student should sign this in agreement and the school should retain this form for their reference.


Terms & conditions:

Describing any terms you have in place for any part of the course for the individual to fully complete the course.  This might include expectations of time keeping, deadlines for homework, payment details etc


Student Disclaimer:

A form outlining the responsibility of the student.  This can include them agreeing to take responsibility for themselves and their products.  Every student should sign this in agreement and the school should retain this form for their reference.


Complaints Procedure:

Describing the procedural steps a student should follow if they want to make a complaint about the course, the school or a teacher.  Yoga Alliance UK advises that any complaint should first try to be resolved between the complainant and the other party.  Failing this, the school should have steps that the complainant can take to resolve the issue in an independent manner.


Complete and detailed syllabus for the training manual:

This should include a day-to-day breakdown of what is being taught and the allocated hours.We reserve the right to request a copy of your full Training Manual at any point.  This should should be available to us upon request from the start of your first training course.

Your manual will be the largest of all documents and should include ALL of the handouts that are given to the students throughout the course (or in some cases will be given all together at the beginning of the course).  They should include diagrams, worksheets, course notes etc.



General Guidelines:


70% of the module must be delivered by a registered SYT who has proven experience in teaching pregnancy.   Potential students must either have already completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course (minimum) or be a fully qualified midwife. These would both need to be confirmed with a diploma or degree certificate.

Once someone has completed a course which has met these standards, they will be eligible to teach ONLY pregnancy yoga (if they do not already hold a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate). If they have also completed a full 200 hour teacher training course, they are eligible to teach both general yoga and pregnancy yoga.


Your course will receive a RYSP (Registered Yoga School Pregnancy) logo and will be entitled to use this on your website and marketing material.


Your graduates will be qualified to teacher pregnancy yoga and will be eligible to register themselves with Yoga Alliance UK as an RYTP.


Benefits of Registering with Yoga Alliance UK


Accreditation to show that you have met a good standard of training

A licence to use the initials and logo RYS

A free school profile page & listing

Access to UK students looking for quality training courses

Global recognition for quality training

Free membership for all of your TRAINEE studentsDiscounted membership for your graduates' membershipReduced rate advertising in magazinesDiscount from our Partners ProgramFull online and telephone support

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