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Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200

Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hour has become recognised throughout the international yoga community as the minimum standard of teaching qualification.

If you wish to teach Yoga to children's or teach pregnancy yoga, you will need to have completed specific training in this and submit your certificates to us.




As a member of Yoga Alliance UK you will have your own page to tell others about your classes and teachings.

You are able to use the Yoga Alliance UK RYT logos and wording in all your advertising and promotion material. We can also help you to create your website.


How much is it to join?

Pricing is simple:

First you must determine whether the school you trained with is registered with Yoga Alliance UK (RYS).  For the list of all schools, please take a look here.

You have three options available to you for your membership.


1) Membership Package - If you already have insurance elsewhere and do not require our insurance.

RYS - £66.00

Non-RYS - £91.00


2) Membership + Yoga Insurance Package -  This includes insurance for you to teach yoga to all audiences.  You will need to have completed a 200 hour course as a minimum to qualify for this.  If you require insurance cover for children's or pregnancy yoga, you will need to have completed specific training in this and submit your certificates to us.

RYS - £84.00

Non-RYS - £109.00


3) Membership + Therapies Insurance Package -   This includes cover to all audiences and also includes cover for additional therapies. You will need to provide certificates for therapies insurance.

Please take a look on the 'Full List of Activities' here.

RYS - £104.00

Non-RYS - £129.00


YAUK Insurance Cover:  This covers you to teach yoga if you are based and working in the UK.  Our insurance is provided by Balens, it covers you for up to £6 million indemnity and if you are teaching overseas (there is no limit for how long you can teach overseas).  For further information on this, please take a look here



The costing is the same as above for the UK with an additional £10 on each membership due to exchange rates with the euro and insurance being more expensive in Ireland than the UK.

Do I Qualify to Apply?

There is one route by which you can qualify to join us as a RYT200

You have a 200 Hour certificate from a single trainer / institute

How you can qualify:

  1. You trained with a Yoga Alliance UK trainer- auto acceptance - see our list
  2. Your trainer is not registered with Yoga Alliance UK, but they meet our standards: 70% taught by Senior Yoga Teacher, 180 Hours must be contact hours.
  3. Please check by clicking the icone on the left: "For RYT200 minimum standards" to get the full requirement.


Still not sure? See what our members say


Just completed your teacher training course?

Now that you have successfully completed your training, you are eligible to register with us as an RYT 200.

Click the Apply Now button above.


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