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Yoga Alliance UK - Terms & Conditions

We welcome your registration. Before submitting your application, please read fully our Terms and Conditions.


1. Membership application

Please note that you are fully responsible to ensure you thoroughly read our standards, your teacher training course meets Yoga Alliance UK standards, you apply the correct designation and submit the appropriate fee. By purchasing this Membership, you agree to meet all conditions required by Yoga Alliance UK. Please review before registering our standards here for 200Hour and 500Hour and SYT.

For members who are applying for Senior Yoga Teacher : if you are currently running a Teacher Training Course, one of Yoga Alliance UK 's condition is to register your school and if your TTC do not meet our standards,  we request that you put a statement onto your website: "Our Teacher Training Course is not accredited by Yoga Alliance UK".



  • Processing time: online applications may take up to 30 days process. You will receive two emails:  receipt of your payment and the request of your supporting documents. Once your application is approved, your insurance is validate and your account is activated. Fast track option is available, please ask Yoga Alliance UK office for more details.

  • Profile Web Page: on the date of the activation of your account, you must complete a profile web page.  This should include a minimum of a paragraph promoting yourself as a yoga teacher to the general public.

2. Membership Completion

Membership and insurance will run on line and will be on auto-renewal every year thereafter. If you do not want to be on auto-renewal it is your responsibility to inform Yoga Alliance UK in writing when you make your application.

Your membership and insurance (if required) will start from the date that you make payment but is only activated at the point we receive all required documentation and we can validate that you qualify to join Yoga Alliance UK. We therefore request that you take time to complete all necessary paperwork in advance of your application.

Example: You apply to join on 15th January and make payment. However you only submit the required documentation on 3rd February, then your membership and insurance will be active from the 3rd February, however your Renewal date will still be the 15th January the following year.

Your membership will be confirmed once we have validated your documents, your profile has been completed and your accreditation logo downloaded on your website  front page with a reverse link to Yoga Alliance UK. 

All Yoga Alliance UK documents are sent by post to your private address. Any change in your personal information update (eg: new address, phone etc...) will have to be notified by email or phone call. Any re-sent document is at the charge of the member.

3. Membership Renewal   

In order to maintain your registration with Yoga Alliance UK and use the accreditation stamp, you must renew your registration on an annual basis. We do not have the facility to suspend your membership if for any reason; you wish to stop it at an earlier date. Automatic renewal Membership fees will be billed annually and automatically to the credit or debit card you provided when you enrolled or to the form of payment we currently have on file for you, in the amount of the then current Membership fee*. Should your credit or debit card expire, you must inform us of your new card details to ensure we always have your most current details. Should you wish to cancel your membership, you must give 28 days notice to this effect in writing. 

4. Membership cancellation & refund

1. Following the day of your registration payment, we offer a cooling off period of 7 days in which you can change your mind for any reason and request to cancel your membership with a full refund of your initial payment.

2. After these seven days, we have a strict NO REFUND policy under any circumstances, unless: your teacher training School where you have trained does not meet our standards. In this instance ONLY, you will be refunded in full less an administration fee of £25.

3. In the event, you have falsified any part of your application, Yoga Alliance UK reserve the right to cancel your account with no refund.

4. If you have paid the incorrect membership fee due to you providing incorrect or false information, Yoga Alliance UK will ask you to pay the full and correct price. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your membership with no refund.

5. If your application is cancelled for any reason due to an error on your side, Yoga Alliance UK reserve the right to ask you to make a new application with no refund on the previous application.


You have 30 days to submit all necessary supporting documents from the date of payment, including the completion of your profile.  Should you fail to do this on time, your application will be cancelled with no refund. A month extension allowance:   if you require more time to complete your application, a charge of *£30* administration fee will apply. Only one extension is granted by membership.

5.  Membership credentials  

By registering with Yoga Alliance UK, you will take an important step in maintaining your credibility as a yoga teacher.

  1. You will be listed on our online directory as Registered Yoga Teacher.
  2. As a Yoga Alliance UK member, you agree to upload the Yoga Alliance UK logo relevant to your accreditation on to your website homepage or profile at a visible size and to ensure this has a reverse link to
  3. You agree to paste onto your website the short “Yoga Alliance UK credential descriptive"
  4. If you are awarded SYT (Senior Yoga Teacher) you are eligible to register your Teacher Training School.

*Yoga Alliance UK may change the Membership fee at its own discretion.

A notification will be sent out 28 days prior to any changes. Should you wish to cancel your membership, you must give 28 days’ notice to this effect in writing.

You confirm that all the information you have given is 100% accurate. You agree to keep your profile fully up to date at all times. In the event that you have falsified any part of your application, you understand your account will be cancelled with no refund. 

You agree to never misrepresent Yoga Alliance UK at any time.  If you are investigated for the misrepresentation of  Yoga Alliance UK, you agree to provide all and any information we require to conduct the investigation, including details of your students.  This information would only be used in relation to that investigation.


6. Insurance

Yoga Alliance UK are extremely pleased to be working alongside Balens Ltd Specialist Insurance Brokers. Balens were founded in 1950 and are an ethical 4th Generation Family Brokerage with over 50 staff and 80,000 plus clients. They have been looking after Health and Wellbeing Professionals for over 21 years and have designed a Hybrid policy that they believe is one of the most comprehensive on the market including important features that some other policies may not include. The policy has been arranged through Balens and the insurer for the scheme is the Zurich PLC and DAS Legal Expenses.



Please note that the acceptance of your insurance will be given on the understanding that:


1. You have never been convicted of any criminal offence, other than motoring, nor have any prosecutions pending

2. No insurer providing cover for your business activities has ever cancelled, declined or refused to renew, or accepted the risk at special terms.

3. I have read and understood and agree to accept Balens Terms of Business letter.

4. There have been no claims or incidents which have or could give rise to a claim under a policy involving negligence, error or omission, nor are you aware of any circumstances which may revert to such a claim or suit being made against you.

By paying the membership renewal and renewing your membership with us, your cover will be conditional on above conditions being satisfied.


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