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0845 643 7027
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Katy Appleton

Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT)

London United Kingdom
Teaching Style
Own Specialised Style, Pregnancy Yoga
Year Qualified
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I trained as a ballet dancer with the Royal Ballet and English National Ballet School and then spent eight years dancing professionally with some of the major ballet companies. To balance the very extreme physical side to ballet I began to do simple breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques that helped me stay centered.

It seemed a natural progression to me from dance to yoga. In 1998 I qualified as a yoga teacher. Having been a dancer I have found that this has given me an extra ordinary vision on how bodies move which has been invaluable to my students and me, especially with their posture and alignment. I have studied some many styles and forms of yoga and draw from them in my teaching, vinyasa yoga expands my entire being, as it feels very much like dancing to me, yoga in movement.

When I'm teaching I merge these beautiful methods together to suit the needs of the students and courses I'm working with, after all we are all different aren't we? I have been blessed to have met and studied with many wonderful teachers world wide, especially my sweet Shiva Rea. I bow at their lotus feet for their path of self realization and unwavering truth and for passing it on so eloquently and peacefully.
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