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Ashtanga Yoga With Ryan Spielman


London , England england
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Course Director:
Ryan Spielman (SYT)
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Teacher Training
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106 Sumatra Road, London
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Ashtanga Teacher Training
Being a yogi means orienting your whole life towards your highest potential, from the deepest realization of who you truly are to the unbounded expression of that truth in the world. Being a Yoga teacher is a commitment to awaken others to the insights of Yoga, a great gift to the world to be undertaken with honour, humility and a sense of humour.

In this course we will work closely together, molding your training according to where you are in your understanding and practice. My intention is to properly train serious yoga students to become strong, confident, knowledgeable teachers. In addition to all the relevant information about Yoga philosophy, theory and technique I will put a strong emphasis on developing your personal practice and cultivating your personal growth. What you have to share as a teacher comes from your own experience. The deeper your realization of Yoga, the more naturally your teaching will flow.

In this 200 hour course you will learn…

* The practice of asana, pranayama and meditation – The essence of yoga teaching stems from yoga practice. What you have to share will ultimately be a product of your own experiential knowledge gleaned from consistent practice.

* The Primary series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System – The primary series as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Detailed instruction on all aspects of the Ashtanga system including sequence, names of postures, core elements of practice, bandhas, breath, vinyasa and drishti.

* Asana adjustments for every posture in the Primary Series and beyond – The art of adjusting. A complex form of bodywork made simple.

* Anatomy, physiology & kinesiology of asana – Knowledge of the inner workings of our bodies is a fundamental part of the understanding of our yoga practice. We must know how the body works from the inside and out to fully inhabit and transcend it.

* The techniques of teaching asana, pranayama and meditation – Key techniques to understand and transmit the principles of movement, alignment, breath control and the gradual withdrawal of the senses towards an inner posture of meditation

* Anatomy & physiology of pranayama – the parts of the body involved in inhalation, exhalation and retention of breath as well as the effects of breath control on the brain and mind

* Anatomy & physiology of meditation – There is fascinating research in the field of neuroscience detailing the effects of meditation on the brain and mind. Knowing how the brain functions invaluably helps facilitate your own investigation of who you are.

* Energetic Anatomy – A large part of the Yoga practice is based on the understanding of the chakra system and the subtle body. Familiarity with terms and techniques to become aware of subtle energy is an essential part of being a teacher.

* Basic massage techniques –Simple massage techniques are a wonderful addition to a yoga teacher’s toolbox. Basic massage provides a well-rounded understanding of the body as well as enabling a teacher to offer more enjoyable hand-on adjustments to her students.

* History & evolution of Yoga – The history of yoga dates back 5000 years. Yoga’s evolution over the millennia has much to teach us about our own process of development and inspires us to contribute to its ongoing transformation.

* Philosophy – The philosophy of Yoga and Vedanta, it’s literature, is the guiding light. It contains some of humanity’s greatest spiritual achievements and most profound wisdom. It is the context from which Yoga practice and teaching must arise.

* The business of Yoga – If you expect to teach yoga as a career you will need to learn about the yoga business. How to find classes, retain students, offer workshops, advertise…

* Diet & Nutrition – One of the principles of Hatha Yoga is mastery over the physical body. This means knowing how to keep it clean and healthy on the inside and out. Gaining knowledge of and freedom from the addictive habits relating to food is a big step towards embodying the yogic ideal.

* Contemporary Enlightenment Teachings – At this most unprecedented time in history we are privileged through technology to have access to the world’s greatest living saints, sages, mystics, spiritual teachers and teachings. Their influence has touched every authentic spiritual tradition on the globe and their contribution must be included in some way in any modern spiritual practice.

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