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Sam Rao Yoga School

RYS200, RYS500

Berkshire , England england
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Course Director:
Sam Rao (SYT)
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79 Qualitas, Bracknell
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I was born in Kampala, Uganda.
Both my parents were from India.
I was educated in Uganda, followed by High School and University in Vancouver, Canada. I came to UK in early 1971 when I met and married my wife, Coral.

Early in my school days I was encouraged to practicing yoga by my father. However the part he taught me and interested me most was the art of defence with a wooden staff that, known as “latti”. This is a form of martial art using a 5’ long staff and requires a strong but supple body. I did not seriously practice yoga until 1996, following an injury to my lower back (result of wrong move in a squash game). I found myself moving further away from my regular gym sessions towards Yoga. During 1999 I met my yoga teacher, Ruth White, an inspirational and dynamic Iyengar yoga teacher. Ruth has practiced with and has been coached by Mr. BKS Iyengar.
I have completed my Teacher qualification with Ruth after 3 Years. I continue to attend as many week-end sessions as I can, with Ruth, and this continues to give me more knowledge on Yoga.
I am very interested in understanding the human body and how regular practice of yoga can benefit and affect the body, mind and spirit.
I run several classes in Crowthorne area and I continue to teach mixed classes (beginners as well as intermediates) with emphasis on the effects of the postures on the body as a whole.
I am also very interested in encouraging men to take up yoga. Introduction to yoga for men is a regular event and more information can be found under “Yoga for Men” on my website
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